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We are from the Aurora Masters Lacrosse.  Most of us have been playing lacrosse for more years than we care to acknowledge, but we still love the game, sharing the game with others and giving back to the community.  Our association has been in Aurora for over nine years now and we were looking for other ways of enhancing the sense of community. 

Lacrosse IS the fastest game on two feet!  But to be successful, players must possess qualities such as endurance and stamina.  During a marathon lacrosse game, well, you can imagine the determination required to complete this task.  Unfortunately, these efforts pale in comparison to work completed by the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness and the Spirit of the Stick. We applaud the support they provide to individuals who have suffered from the effects of violence, neglect and marginalization. 

We have planned this event for two reasons:  First, we would like to support an honourable organizations called the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness (CCAA Information Pamphlet & Detailed Program Descriptions) and Jim Veltman's Spirit of the Stick.  Second, we would like to increase the awareness of Canada's original national sport which continues the traditions of ancient game played by our First Nations People.



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